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My @thepowertob bracelet came today! Thank you Chrissy and Rae!

Christine L.

“I chose Bbadass from The Power to B. I have found my way to peace and happiness and I did it in badass style. I’m proud of myself. Thank you for these wonderful reminders.”

Annette S.

Got my bracelet today! I love it, thank you.

Laura P.

“Starting a new job after 4 years as a SAHM, I was a nervous wreck. My best friend gifted me my gold “B Brave” bracelet the night before my first day, and it’s been a game changer for me. It’s a simple reminder, but seeing it while I’m at work has given me so much confidence and made me feel like I’m never alone. Now a month into my job, I tell everyone about The Power to B and reminder practice. It’s changed my life!”


I have spent way too much energy being fearful of judgement, the unknown, & failure…time to let that go. Thanks for the reminder.

Dionne M.

LOVE my bracelet that says “B Fearless”….

Kim J.

“I love my B Blessed bracelet because it helps me through tough days and reminds me to enjoy the good ones. What a great message!”


I love this bracelet. I wore it to the gym today and was inspired to start running again after a four month break.


“My B Kind bracelet has changed the way I do EVERYTHING. I started wearing this bracelet to remind myself to speak kindly and always give people the benefit of the doubt. Before long, I wasn’t just holding back critiques and criticisms, but I noticed I was actually thinking differently. My inner voice actually became kinder, not only to others, but in the ways I think about myself. I’ve never felt happier, more social, or more positive in my life. Thank you so much, The Power to B.”


Thank you @thepowertob for reminding me to be the exception. Check out their cool and inspiring jewelry founded by two fabulous sisters.

Michelle Y.

“I’m loving this special piece of jewelry from my girlfriends for my December birthday! Since this is a BIG birthday for all of us, we’re all rockin’ the same bracelet. I think The Power to B line fits us all perfectly!”

Courtney Z.

“Catching glimpses of my B Fierce bracelet everyday makes me feel empowered and uplifted. It reminds me to bring my best self forward.”

Anastazia B.

“My B Grateful bracelet was a Mother’s Day gift last year, and it’s become an every day staple for me. Not only is it beautiful and a conversation starter, but it’s a constant reminder of my kids and how thankful I am for the blessings in my life.”


I loved wearing my B Strong Cord Bracelet to the Oscar’s! Thank you for the affirmation reminder!

Frederic A.

“Wearing B You makes me feel like I can finally be myself! For the first time in my life I feel confident, truly happy, and like my friends, I really love me for who I am. I’ll be wearing B You every. single. DAY!”


“Getting back into the swing of things at school has been tough, but my bracelet and candle are little reminders that keep me on track!!”

Chloe L.

“I just had my third daughter in April, and life with a newborn and two kids under the age of 5 can be overwhelming, to say the least! I bought myself a B Present bracelet after a particularly long week as a reminder that even on the hardest days, I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything. I’m so lucky to have my girls, and I always want to remember to be present with my family.”


Absolutely love my “B Fearless” bracelet! We’ve all been dealing with a lot lately and great friends and uplifting messages give us the power to get through.

Jeannie V.

“These bracelets help me start my day the right way…I am so addicted now! The power to B is a bright light in my life 💕”

Kim K.