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B Fearless

Feel the fear and do it anyway. What’s waiting for you on the other side is worth it.

From the community

The B Fearless bracelet was such a special gift from my mom when we moved. Starting at a new high school in the middle of the year was so difficult.  My bracelet reminded me every day that I can make new friends, catch up on my classwork, join clubs, and B Fearless! I can’t wait to give one to a friend one day.
You are fearless, boldly conquering challenges and inspiring others. When life gets scary, move forward with courage and determination, because what comes next is worth it.
B Fearless is your reminder to embrace fear, not run from it. When you wake up and put on your B Fearless bracelet, you’re taking on the world with your best foot forward. Every time you see your bracelet throughout the day, you’re reminded of your ability to overcome obstacles and conquer your fears head-on. Believe in yourself, and you can take on anything.

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