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B Badass

Take on the day with confidence, class, and a little sass- you’re a total badass.

From the community

“The B Badass bracelet reminds me to keep my eye on my goals. It helps me every day and these bracelets are now my favorite gift when a friend needs some support!”
You are a badass, radiating strength, sass, and confidence. B Badass means breaking boundaries and tackling the challenges of the world. You have the ability to move mountains and take on new adventures. Create a life worth loving.
When you put on your B Badass bracelet every morning, you’re acknowledging the value you bring into the world. Throughout the day, your bracelet reminds you to prioritize self-care and keep powering on. The message is plain and simple: there’s nothing you can’t do. Keep doing great and move onto something even bigger and better. Wearing B Badass on your wrist encourages you to reclaim your own power.

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