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The world is waiting: show them what you can do. Listen to your heart and stand proud to B you.

She’s one of a kind, and her surprises are worth sticking around for.

B You reminds her to step into her power and say to herself, “This is who I am.” She is beautiful, worthy, and so much bigger than what the world tries to make her. If you think she’s shining now, just wait until you see how brightly she can glow.

B You is the most recent addition to our collection, and it’s the perfect bracelet to pair with another Power to B piece.

Every one of our power words stems from accepting who we are fully, and we cannot truly be strong, badass, fearless, fierce, or limitless without first being unapologetically ourselves. This power word is less about a phase of life, and more about who we are every day.

“The B You bracelet is the best gift I’ve ever received, and now this collection is my go-to gift to give!”

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B You is perfect for...

+ The LGBTQ+ community
+ A girl on a new career path
+ Someone relocating to someplace new

+ A girl struggling with bullies
+ Your best friend
+ A mom rediscovering herself
+ Your most creative friend

+ Someone finding themselves
+ A friend after a breakup or divorce
+ Someone struggling to keep going

Do you know her? Maybe you are her.

Invite her to join The Power to B Community with our B Strong products.

B You Bracelet


+ In stock – typically ships in 2 to 3 business days
+ Adjustable, one size fits most
+ Available in 3 colors
+ Free ground shipping

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