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Like a maze in the dark, sometimes you’ll miss. Stay calm and focus, you must B fearless.

“The B Fearless bracelet was such a special gift from my mom when we moved. I can't wait to give one to a friend one day!”

Starting at a new high school in the middle of the year was so difficult.  My bracelet reminded me every day that I can make new friends, catch up on my classwork, join clubs, and B Fearless!

She’s not without fear: she embraces fear, as she knows what’s coming next is worth it.

Life gets scary, especially for risk takers and those willing to put themselves on the line for what they love. This girl has felt fear and she’s never let it hold her back. She is determined, steady, and ready to grow through what comes her way.

B Fearless is the missing link in our collection when nothing else seems to fit.

If she’s not quite sure what she needs, but she knows she’s on the brink of something great, B Fearless is the power word for her. Fear tends to be the thing holding us back from the next big step or a chance to better ourselves. It holds all of the other power words within it, and prepares her to move forward as her best self.

B Fearless is perfect for...

+ A girl looking for direction
+ Front-line and essential workers
+ Someone fighting illness
+ A woman trying for a baby

+ Someone finding themselves
+ New moms and pregnant women
+ Someone leaving home
+ A recent high school graduate

+ A woman entering the dating world
+ A girl starting at a new school
+ A recent homeowner

Do you know her? Maybe you are her.

Invite her to join The Power to B Community with our B Fearless products.

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