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Quitting’s no option. Trailblaze with great sass. You’re savage, you’re mighty. Now go! B badass.

“The B Badass bracelet reminds me to keep my eye on my goals. It helps me every day and these bracelets are now my favorite gift when a friend needs some support!”

Leaving my full time job and taking a shot running my own business took a lot of guts.  Whenever I doubt myself I look at my B Badass bracelet, I refocus and work harder to succeed!

There’s nothing she can’t do: it’s as simple as that.

For the girl ready to tackle the challenge ahead and make the world wonder how she did it. She is strong, sassy, and confident. With her sights set on what’s next, her B Badass bracelet reminds her to put her self-care first, to never stop striving for more, and that she has the power to create a life she loves.

B Badass was inspired by a loved one facing a mountain of financial debt, who decided it was time to reclaim her power.

Whether what she’s up against is personal, professional, or anything in between, B Badass is her reminder that she’s doing great and is on the verge of something even bigger. It’s our most popular power word for young girls and women facing new adventures head-on.

B Badass is perfect for...

+ Someone who just quit their job
+ A college freshman
+ Someone struggling financially

+ A small business owner
+ A friend after a breakup or divorce
+ An athlete training for the big event

+ A girl who deserves a break
+ A girl searching for her passion
+ An adventure seeker or travel lover

Do you know her? Maybe you are her.

Invite her to join The Power to B Community with our B Badass products.

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