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thepowertob Send positive reminders to yourself throughout the day, and become exactly who you want to B. Shown here…


thepowertob Chrissy and Rae: Real talk with INSTORE magazine on how The Power to B continues to change their lives and the lives of others and also future plans for the brand. ????????????????????????


thepowertob Reminder for you Mamas: Your fierce love for your babies and kiddos is POWER! And you’re doing a GREAT job ????⁠…


thepowertob The talented Jordin Sparks has the power to B LIMITLESS✨


baribaultjewelers Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate Mom with jewelry she’ll want to wear every day, like The Power to B collection!


gregtarzandavis thepowertob We had a blast helping you choose your power word this weekend! We know you will…


thepowertob Adina Porter is rocking B Fierce ahead of the Academy Awards!


caitlinhoustonblog Did you know the human brain is an expert at talking itself in and out of things? That’s why positive visual cues – Be Strong


courtneyastodden   Smile though your heart is aching, Smile even though it’s breaking, When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by.


thepowertob Thank you for the love on the black cord power word collection! If you didn’t get the chance to snag one before they sold out, check…