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Everyday Bracelets.
Powerful reminders.

Send positive reminders to yourself throughout the day and become exactly who you want to be.

Ignite the most powerful version of you, everyday.

Whether you’re on a hot streak and you could use a little extra momentum, or you’re going through a challenging time, Reminder Practice has the power to change your day – and your life. 

Choosing the right reminders and putting them where you’re guaranteed to see them means you can control the messages you take in throughout the day. A glimpse at your wrist here, a glance at your bracelet there – these little moments add up to powerful mindset shifts that can transform everything and let you “B” anything. 

Comfortable and casual for everyday wear and a constant reminder

Elegant and timeless for a powerful reminder and a refined look


Share in our community of inspiration and support as we lift each other up to be the best that we can B.

Take our Power Word quiz to discover the reminder you need in the style you love.

Our collection is made up of 11 inspirational power words – and one of them was created just for you. 

Whether you need a reminder to be strong as you face a difficult challenge or a daily dose of badass energy to ignite your spirit, we’ve got you covered. Take our 5 minute quiz to discover the Power Word most aligned with you. Then select the style and color combination that suits your everyday style.